A photograph from my Ice Portals series was selected as one of the winners of the "Face of the Earth" competition at Life Framer. The juror's comments were:

“This image has a stark beauty – in the grain, the monochrome treatment, and the patterns and textures that reveal themselves as the eye scans across its surface. It also confounds – are we looking at a distant aerial view of a scarred landscape, or the texture of its surface in microscopic detail? It’s this ambiguity that holds the viewer. Alyson reveals the truth in her statement – it is in fact a close up of ice formations during an unusually cold winter in Oregon, one of many details that would evolve as the water thawed and refroze each day and night. That there’s an aching beauty in details so fleeting, and so easily overlooked is powerful.” – Life Framer

Ice_4402 web.jpg